Friday, 10/8/2018
19:00ICONICON21We Øwn WørldWe Øwn Wørld
20:30Bigetron SGBigetron SG12Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants
Saturday, 11/8/2018
17:00EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG02TraitorTraitor
18:30Mystic BurdenMystic Burden21We Øwn WørldWe Øwn Wørld
20:00Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants12AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan
Sunday, 12/8/2018
17:00Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn21TraitorTraitor
18:30AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan20Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV
20:00Bigetron SGBigetron SG02ICONICON
Friday, 17/8/2018
19:00ICONICON21Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn
20:30EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG20Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants
Saturday, 18/8/2018
17:00EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG00We Øwn WørldWe Øwn Wørld
18:30AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan00Mystic BurdenMystic Burden
Sunday, 19/8/2018
17:00Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants00Mystic BurdenMystic Burden
18:30Bigetron SGBigetron SG00TraitorTraitor
20:00We Øwn WørldWe Øwn Wørld00Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV
Friday 24/8/2018
19:00Bigetron SGBigetron SG00EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG
20:30AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan00Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn
Saturday, 25/8/2018
17:00Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn00Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV
18:30We Øwn WørldWe Øwn Wørld00AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan
Sunday, 26/8/2018
17:00Mystic BurdenMystic Burden00Bigetron SGBigetron SG
18:30Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants00TraitorTraitor
20:00Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV00ICONICON
Friday, 7/9/2018
19:00Mystic BurdenMystic Burden00Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV
20:30Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants00ICONICON
Saturday, 8/9/2018
17:00TraitorTraitor00Mystic BurdenMystic Burden
18:30Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV00EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG
20:00Bigetron SGBigetron SG00Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn
Sunday, 9/9/2018
17:00AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan00EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG
18:30We Øwn WørldWe Øwn Wørld00Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn
Friday 14/9/2018
19:00TraitorTraitor00AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan
20:30Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV00Bigetron SGBigetron SG
Saturday, 15/9/2018
17:00EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG00Mystic BurdenMystic Burden
18:30Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn00Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants
Sunday, 16/9/2018
17:00We Øwn WørldWe Øwn Wørld00Bigetron SGBigetron SG
18:30Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV00Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants
20:00Mystic BurdenMystic Burden00ICONICON
Friday 21/9/2018
19:00ICONICON00EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG
20:30Mystic BurdenMystic Burden00Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn
Saturday, 22/9/2018
17:00TraitorTraitor00We Øwn WørldWe Øwn Wørld
18:30Saiyan RebornSaiyan Reborn00EVOS Esports SGEVOS Esports SG
20:00AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan00ICONICON
Sunday, 23/9/2018
17:00TraitorTraitor00Borneo Dragon FVBorneo Dragon FV
18:30Flash TyrantsFlash Tyrants00We Øwn WørldWE Øwn Wørld
20:00AirAsia SaiyanAirAsia Saiyan00Bigetron SGBigetron SG

14th June - 8th July


- 3 separate qualifiers - MY & 1 SG.

- Maximum of 512 teams per qualifier.

- Single elimination format.  All matches are BO1. Round of 16 onward are BO3.

- MY | Semi-final winners qualify for Regular Season.

- MY Semi-final losers compete for 3rd place.

- MY  3rd place teams from Q1 and Q2 compete for Regular Season wild card slot.

- SG | Finals winner qualifies for Regular Season.

10th August - 23rd September


- 4 teams from MPL Season 1 (with at least 3 returning members).

- 6 teams from Open Qualifiers.

- Over 6 weeks.

- Round robin BO3's with point distribution:

- 2-0, winner earns 3 points.

- 2-1, winner earns 2 points, loser earns 1 point.

19th October - 21st October


- Top 8 teams from Regular Season proceed.

- Teams will be seeded based on their Regular Season standings.

- Double elimination bracket. All series are BO3.

- Grand Final will be played in BO5 on LAN (location TBD).