MPL – MY/SG S2 Qualifier 3

Alright folks, there we go. We’ve finally completed all the qualifiers for this season, with Singapore seeing over 50 teams contesting one spot in the Regular season.

You can watch the match recap here.

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Match 1: IDNS SG vs Intrepide

Final Score: 0-2


Wow. This matchup was just…intense, from beginning to end. It’s like watching Infinity war!

Game 1

The game started out rather explosively, with the top and bottom lanes seeing early towerdives from Intrepide. The outcome, though, was different in both cases, where bot succeeded and top failed.

From then on, it transitioned to a close match, with both sides trading kills back and forth. Unfortunately for IDNS SG, Intrepide were just better at teamfights, and their advantage slowly snowballed until they were the dominant team

IDNS SG’s Gusion was an exceptionally strong pick, but unfortunately he couldn’t carry the rest of his team in the face of Intrepide’s overwhelming aggression. As for Intrepide, Kagura and Akai played a pretty important role in setting up kills for their allies with their strong engages.

Game 2

Whew. This game was even MORE intense and nailbiting. Both teams went all out from the beginning, trading nonstop and displaying heavy aggression which led to big plays like Intrepide’s Diggie getting towerdived and killed early on, Diggie and Kagura synergizing to lock down enemies, and IDNS SG’s Harley pulling off a clutch steal on the Lord.

To be honest, it was REALLY hard to predict who would win, since both teams were evenly matched. It was a game of waiting for 1 side to slip up and trying to catch the enemy out. In the end, it came down to a teamfight near the botlane, where Intrepide got engaged on.

They looked to be losing the teamfight, but their Martis managed to catch out the whole enemy team with his first skill, and secured the turnaround to win.


Match 2: Bigetron Baby vs Saints SG

Final Score: 0-2


Game 1

Arguably 2 of the strongest teams in Singapore, Bigetron Baby and Saints SG are no strangers to the competitive ML scene. Unfortunately, Bigetron Baby was at a disadvantage beginning from the draft phase. They also couldn’t stand up to Saints SG’s teamfighting comp in Game 1, and soon found themselves overwhelmed.

Game 2

Counter draft picks, flawless rotations, ambushes and high level map control, this series had it all. Despite having a significant gold lead, Saints SG were having a hard time pushing down Bigetron Baby’s base due to Bigetron Baby’s engagement capabilities and teamwork.

However, greed led to Bigetron Baby’s downfall as they tried to secure the Lord, only to be ambushed by Saints SG and wiped out, giving Saints SG the win.

Wildcard: FV MYA vs We Own World

Final Score: 0-2


Game 1
The wildcard match for the Malaysian qualifiers saw FV MYA and WOW holding on for dear life: whoever lost the series would be eliminated from the tournament, with no more chances to take part in the 2nd season of the MPL.

WOW looked all set to demolish the main team of FV MYA, having already destroyed their sister team MYA JR. Coming into the series with a game plan, WOW was always one step ahead of FV MYA right from the one minute mark. Flawless execution of their rotations and ambushes gave WOW a comfortable gold lead as FV MYA failed to take any objectives. Falling for almost every ambush set by WOW, FV MYA found themselves with a 10k gold deficit and no answer to WOW‘s aggression. Natalia being the MVP of the match managed to secure multiple solo pick offs on Lancelot. Together with the lord, WOW secured an easy game one

Game 2

Moving on to take an early gold lead in game 2 of the series, WOW got a little complacent and started making risky plays, allowing MYA to narrow down the gold difference. The game began swinging in MYA’s advantage as WOW’s stubborness in making risky plays continued. Having picked off WOW’s heroes, MYA made a Lord attempt in hope of ending the game, but it was not to be. A spark of brilliance by WOW secured them the Lord and a wipeout of the MYA team. Unable to cope with the pressure of WOW, MYA got caught out just outside of their base. A perfect engage by WOW wiped out MYA for the 2nd time and they secured themselves a slot in the MPL regular season.


Intrepide vs Saints SG

Final Score: 2-0

Game 1

The grand finals of the Singapore qualifiers saw old teammates going head to head against each other.

This was the closest game of the qualifier as the skill levels and game mechanics of both teams were on par. Intrepide opted for a stronger engage lineup while Saints SG went for a split pushing comp. It could be anyone’s win right up to the 10 minute mark. However, Killua of Intrepid was simply on the top of his form, as he showed the world how a Grock should be played. With perfect walling and charging, Saints SG began to crumble. Alpha got caught out way too many times, meaning Saints SG had to fight every engagement with a 1 man disadvantage. With 3 lanes down, Intrepid secured themselves the first game of the series

Game 2

Game 2 was a total opposite of the previous game. Riding on the momentum of their victory, Intrepide dominated the game right from the beginning with superior engage mechanics. Despite a few big plays by nelle on Roger, Saints SG were helpless as Intrepid crushed them in every battle. Truly a force to be reckoned with, Intrepide became the Singapore representative for the MPL  – MY/SG S2 regular season.

To all the qualifier-winning teams, good luck in the regular season, guys! You can do it!

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