Top 5 MPL Picks You Should Practice

Looking For a New Hero To Play?

Are you looking for a new main or a new addition to the pool of heroes you are already skilled at? The MPL has some of the best players in the world competing to become the next generation of esports athletes. So it is only natural that we see the best heroes picked to play competitively. For this list we’ve included the top picks for each role.


Tank | Hylos

Hylos has an unusual kit compared to other tanks because of his tank-mage hybrid nature. He does extremely well in the lanning phase capable of zoning out his enemies. His greatest asset however is his ultimate. Not only does it heal him for a percent of his health but it is also a perfect initiation tool for team-fights giving his team the positioning advantage.

Players to follow:

MCB.Nenas has shown exceptional control over the hero especially during their game against XF7 during week 7. He would constantly toggle his 2nd skill, Ring of Punishment, being really conservative with his mana usage so he wont have to use his health to cast skills during prolonged fights.

During week 7’s MyA vs TXD, MyA.2ez4Jepv showed us how to zone enemies out using Hylos. Combining the 1st skill, Law and Order, with a well placed ultimate allowed 2ez4Jepv to set up easy pick offs for his team and advantageous team-fights.

Mage | Harley

What makes Harley better than the other mages is his ability to take out single targets and get away with it. Specifically his Space Escape (2nd Skill) helps him get close enough to his target to deal some damage then he can reactivate it to relocate to his original location. He is extremely usefull in most line ups because he can pick off key targets like enemy assassins, marksmen or other mages.

Player to follow:

TSYN.RUSH, despite his name RUSH takes his time picking targets during team fights. This allows him to analyze the threats in the enemy team and take out the most important target. During the TSYN vs IDNS SG game in week 7 he played safe and used his ultimate to zone and scare enemies rather than taking them out. It is important to note that Harley takes a while to do his damage with his cards so it is not always advisable to commit to a fight

Marksman | Irithel

While Irithel’s kit sticks to the standard marksmen do damage formula what makes her top picked is her ability to deal high bursts of damage while moving. It may seem like a small advantage but being able to position constantly to be able to avoid enemy could mean life or death during a team fight.

Player to follow:

IDNS SG.Ly4 kept his cool during their game against Louvre SG on week 6. Despite the Fanny focusing on him he was able to make very close escapes and still do damage for his team during team engagements. He used the ultimate’s escape function willingly to get away from ganks because he knew that he was better off burning the ultimate rather than his team not having him during a fight.

Fighter | Chou

Chou’s presence in the competitive scene has been felt even in the earlier tournaments. His kit gives him a lot of crowd control that comes useful when disrupting a big ultimate or when taking out a high value target. However his popularity has been at a decline due to a nerf on his 2nd skill taking away its immunity or invincibility frames.

Player to follow:

MyA.Facebook’s understanding of Chou may be odd but it works. He plays rather conservatively, weaving around the fight and waiting for the best opportunity to land his Jeet Kun Do and Way of the Dragon. He did the same during their game against Eqz on week 5 where he waited for his tank to soak up the damage before landing his combo.

Assassin | Saber

Equipped with a lot of utility and damage Saber has been a top pick for those reasons. He plays a very niche role compared to the other picks mainly used as a hard counter to high mobility targets like Harley, Irithel and Fanny. He is very vulnerable and can easily be picked off while using his ultimate.

Player to follow:

TSYN.RUSH applies a similar play-style when playing Saber. The general rule he follows is stay in the side lines so he can do his job by taking out high value targets. Knowing when to jump in and use the ultimate is what makes RUSH such a deadly and effective Saber. This was felt in the MYA vs TSYN game on week 4.

Didnt Get To See Your Top Pick?

Though the regular season has come to an end the top 8 teams who made it through those 7 weeks will be competing in the playoffs. However judging the recent picks during the 7th week you can expect more unexpected match ups coming from all the teams. We saw the rise of Helcurt and Jawhead picks as of late and the trend of picking new heroes is definitely carrying over to the Playoffs happening on April 13-15.

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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) is an esports league organized by Moonton (Mobile Legends’ developer) and eGG Network (a gaming and esports TV channel) for players based in Malaysia and Singapore. The league features a USD 100,000 prize pool and its purpose is to provide a platform for players to play competitively; to develop their skills and open up possibilities for a career in esports. From qualifiers to playoffs, the league will run for 5 months (November 2017 – April 2018). The regular season runs from (12 January 2018 – 11 March 2018). And the Playoffs will be held from 13-15 April 2018 at 1Utama! 

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