MPL Week 6 – The Kings Versus The Tyrants

 Who Will Make The Top 8?

The Regular Season is almost coming to an end and 2 teams will not advance to the playoffs. We are seeing teams take huge leaps of faith by trying out new line-ups and strategies. This week was filled with breath-taking action accompanied by unexpected results.

Turrets Don’t Grow

Taking objectives has always been Team Saiyan’s number 1 priority and this game was no different for them. They claim objectives with surgical precision taking every chance they get when it comes to securing towers or buffs. MyA3 had a lot of difficulty keeping their map control over Team Saiyan’s well thought out objective-based strategy. MyA3 has been somewhat inconsistent throughout the season, tying against top teams like IDNS SG and Mystic Burden, whilst falling to tamely to Falcon7. Their lack of experience as a team shows itself in those situations and this talented squad has a lot of ground to cover if they want to keep up with the tougher teams. Will they be able to rise to the challenge? Do they have to look for a new strategy?

TSYN Taking base 10mins into the game

The Struggle Continues

After struggling against a lot of the teams of the MPL, Louvre SG still couldn’t stand their ground against IDNS SG. With their best efforts they tried to repel the incoming attacks of IDNS SG but each fight only lost them a tower. Louvre SG needs to adapt to the changes the other teams are making in order to push forward into the MPL. They fell out of the top 8 and now have one more match against MyA3, and they cannot afford to lose. Will they be able to do it?

Louvre unable to hold off IDNS SG’s push

Falcon7’s 2 Game Snowball

Equalizer was not prepared to go up against the hyper-aggressive strategy that XF7 employed during both games. The early game tower dives and forced team fights gave Falcon7 a massive lead during the early stages of both games. Falcon7 has been trying out new strategies and composition which is risky considering their place in the MPL but it has greatly payed off for them in recent weeks. This game is a massive confidence booster to the team’s new found style and strategy. Will we see Falcon7 now have 1 match to play against on-form Mystic Burden. Their placing in the final regular season standings is far from secure. Will this sudden change in form be enough to carry them into the playoffs?

XF7 turning a loosing fight around against Eqz

The Tables Have Turned

The match was a throwback to the qualifiers where Mystic Burden defeated MyA in the first MPL qualifiers. Once again, it seemed like MCB had MyA figured out from the start. MCB has seen largely been employing the same aggressive playstyle throughout the regular season, but have certainly matured. Previously they might have gone for kills, but ultimately lost the game (the match against Team Saiyan is a good example). Now, they still focus on getting kills first, but are careful to ensure they take their necessary objectives. But if the game is prolonged or a small mistake is made during execution, these kinds of strategies can easily fail against higher skill teams like in the recent IDNS SG vs TXD game. However MyA could do so little against the seemingly relentless ganks that MCB coordinated in order to secure a lead. Mystic Burden are now only 1 point behind MyA. The question for MyA is how will they respond to this tame loss? 

MCB Picking off MyA one by one

Tyrants Match Up Against Malaysia’s Kings of ML

Both teams played with almost equal skill level having 2 very close games during the match. Tyrants gave Team Saiyan a run for their money during the first game showing a great deal of understanding on how to counter the team’s tactics. However TSYN were able to pick themselves up during the 2nd game. Picking up a risky 3 assassins lineup with 2 tanks they opted to split push against Tyrants’ more teamfight-heavy line-up. They eventually made the winning fight during the late game. This match up was not only a testament of TSYN’s ability to adapt to their opponents but a showcase of Tyrants’ skill as a team. Will Tyrants overthrow TSYN in the coming matches? This was a solid performance from both teams, but Team Saiyan haven’t been performing as well as viewers would expect. They drop to second place at the top of the standings, and for their final match, face-off against standings leader IDNS SG.

Tyrants storming TSYN’s turret

IDNS SG Turns Around Lord Steal

IDNS SG’s professional level of gameplay is difficult to match even for the likes of Team Eksdi. In the second game, Team Eksdi was actually leading on kills during the early to middle stages of the game, even managing to catch and steal IDNS SG’s Lord. However IDNS managed to repel the attack wiping Team Eskdi but suffered heavy losses leaving only JasonKoh and wQxD to push the base. Despite the Lord being summoned the two members of IDNS SG experienced no resistance ending the game. IDNS SG is on a winning streak and we wonder who is skilled enough to break it? 

TXD taking Lord from IDNS SG

Will Your Favorite Team Make The Top 8?

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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) is an esports league organized by Moonton (Mobile Legends’ developer) and eGG Network (a gaming and esports TV channel) for players based in Malaysia and Singapore. The league features a USD 100,000 prize pool and its purpose is to provide a platform for players to play competitively; to develop their skills and open up possibilities for a career in esports. From qualifiers to playoffs, the league will run for 5 months (November 2017 – April 2018). The regular season runs from (12 January 2018 – 11 March 2018).

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