MPL Week 5 – Team Saiyan Extends Their Lead at The Top of The Table.

Are New Heroes The Best Picks?

We’ve seen a constant flow of new heroes released in Mobile Legends during the MPL. Some of them fit well into the pool of drafted heroes in the MPL’s competitive scene like Hylos and Helcurt. Others didn’t fit the bill too well such as Lesley and Jawhead, or so we think. It is a bit too early to say that new heroes don’t fit in a competitive line up. It is only a matter of time before a team finds their own unique ways to use a hero. Take Tyrants with Zhask for example, they took his ability to pressure an area and built a strategy around it. This has given them a lot of successful games even against the tougher teams of the MPL. This week we saw heroes like Jawhead and Angela picked but not make a significant impact in their respective games.

Here are the weekend scores.

Optimal Punish By Team Saiyan

Despite the huge lead Team Eksdi made during the early moments of game 1, Team Saiyan managed to swing the game into their favor by playing safe and focusing on objectives. We’ve seen Team Saiyan consistently play this strategy ever since the start of the regular season. Team Saiyan is proving to be one of the more difficult teams to handle because of their unbreakable composure and their ability to close in on a lead.

TSYN forced a team fight that wiped out TXD

Mystic Burden’s Change of Style

MCB has always stuck to a well balanced line up of 2 tanks, 1 marksman, 1 assassin, 1 mage. However this time MCB has drafted a seemingly unbalanced line up that seems to be working out for them. They dropped both tank and marksman roles in favor of a double assassin and fighter with 1 mage. They focused on take downs first which is a smart move considering their line up has very low pushing power until they reach the late game. MCB stuck with keeping their plays safe without over-extending for ganks and punishing Louvre SG by securing objectives after kills. Will this new strategy work well with the more successful teams in the MPL?

Battle Of The Titans

Having IDNS SG and Tyrants, two of the top 3 teams of MPL battle it out was truly a match to watch. Both teams did not hold back when taking each other on. The only flaw was on Tyrants being unable to utilize new heroes Angela and Jawhead as much as they’d like. They were out drafted by IDNS SG in both games and the relative inexperience of the team with the new heroes was apparent during the match. Tyrants may be the trend setters of a new meta but they have some ground to cover if they want to make use of these new heroes in their line ups successfully especially against a heavyweight like IDNS SG.

 IDNS SG securing their early game with well executed ganks

Studio Match: Falcon7 Back In The Game

Falcon7 has been on a road to redemption ever since the regular season began. They’ve tried their best to win every game but always fall short of their victory. This time Falcon7 was able to bag their first two wins in the regular season against MyA3. The team not only turned up at the studio, they turned up in style, beating MyA3 convincingly in both games. Their drafts were solid, and execution extremely crisp. What is interesting they picked up Cyclops into their line up who is barely if not never picked in the MPL. This victory is definitely a huge boost in morale for the team, and it was proof that they were no league pushovers.

Falcon7 Pushing down MyA3 after gettting Lord

Equalizer Still Struggling

Equalizer was hoping to find success in the new heroes but that hope was quickly snuffed out by MyA. The team needs to find success in order to get out of the bottom of the table. However Equalizer has yet to find that success after struggling against a more traditional line up implemented by MyA. Again just like the Tyrants vs IDNS SG game we saw a lacklustre performances from Jawhead and Helcurt.

Eqz’s Line up was unable to match up against MyA’s

With High Risk Comes High Reward

Team Eksdi did well against Louvre SG using a high risk high reward strategy especially in game 2. TXD focused on executing ganks on Louvre SG’s high impact heroes like Zilong, Kagura and Hayabusa to stop them from gaining any momentum. Drafting a hyper aggressive line up with heroes like Fanny, Harley, Hylos and Johnson. It is important to note that their coordination as well as their line up needed to be perfect in order to find success with this kind of strategy – and it was. Even though Louvre SG was able to hold their ground during the early phases of game 1, TXD gradually whittled down the Singaporean side’s resolve during the latter part of game 1 and the whole of game 2. With this win, Team Eksdi end their 4-match losing streak and help them secure important points in order to advance to the playoffs.

Louvre SG caught in a losing fight under inner turret

With only 2 weeks of the regular season remaining, the top 4 teams will be aiming to secure as many points as possible to get a better seeding for the MPL Playoffs. At the bottom of the table, Louvre SG and Falcon7 have 4 games remaining to advance to the Playoffs, whereas Equalizer have 6 more games to go. The fight for the coveted 8 Playoffs spots will be increasingly tense.

Who will be your top 8? 


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The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) is an esports league organized by Moonton (Mobile Legends’ developer) and eGG Network (a gaming and esports TV channel) for players based in Malaysia and Singapore. The league features a USD 100,000 prize pool and its purpose is to provide a platform for players to play competitively; to develop their skills and open up possibilities for a career in esports. From qualifiers to playoffs, the league will run for 5 months (November 2017 – April 2018). The regular season runs from (12 January 2018 – 11 March 2018).

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